Community Manager

Looking out for you and your career. Maximising everything that the community has to offer in support of your career and opening opportunities to you for consideration.

Onboarding Sessions

Setting you off on the right track. Once onboarded, you will be invited to an onboarding session with the sponsors team.

Weekly Hangouts

The community is an active group of like-minded people, all supporting each other’s development. Freelancer lead “hang outs” are held on a weekly basis. It’s an opportunity to share notes, ideas, contacts, and opportunities within the community.

Expert Q&A Firesides

The sponsors network spreads far and wide. Access to industry experts can be invaluable for those open to learning and networking. Industry expert Q&A sessions are held on a monthly basis.

Monthly Jam Sessions

Lead sessions are designed to support your freelance career requirements. Sessions include increasing your tier placement, bidding and rate evaluation, maximizing online visibility, networking and more.

Monthly LEAP Development Sessions

The sponsor has joined with LEAP to support external aspects of your career. From personal finance, fitness and wellbeing, small business advice and more.

Social Meet Ups

The sponsor holds regular social and networking meet ups across Dubai.

Engaged & Active Community

The sponsor reaches far and wide. Operating in multiple online groups and channels across several platforms where the community supports and engages with each other. Group resources are communicated and opportunities are shared.

The Future of Work Podcast

Podcast Hosting - The Future of Work. The Freelance community are regular guests for discussion across a plethora of subjects. Get Involved!

Regular Workshops & Roundtables

Regular roundtables or workshop with invited industry experts.

Open network of Engagement Opportunities with Global Client Base

The sponsor has been active in the employment space for well over a decade and have a large client network. Unlike other freelancing communities they actively represent the freelancers for open opportunities and generate placements for them.

Contract & Invoicing Support

Contract, Invoicing, and Payment collection management so that you can focus on your profession.

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